Call for Greeks and Lithuanians interested in building solutions to prevent forests fires (prototyping and creative campaigns)

We would like to invite you to Sende, a 20 inhabitants village in the Spanish mountains, and to cover your travel, food and accommodation costs.


We are organizing an event Lume where we are going to build prototypes that will help us prevent wild forest fires caused by a man.

During this event, we are also going to build creative campaigns that will raise awareness about summer fires all over Europe.

The event starts on July 13th, 2021. We are missing 8 participants.

We are bringing together thinkers, creative coders, writers, artists, innovations, crafters, carpenters, professionals, villagers, forestry professionals, and amateurs to think of solutions that will prevent forest fires caused by a man.

And not just that, you will spend the whole week coworking & coliving while building different prototypes and campaigns while using sensors, words & creativity.

We even partnered up with the Fochicamp team that will help us come up with creative solutions while using technology.

A week full of surprises, experiments, and all of this in the 20 inhabitants village in Spain.

Organized by Sende, one of the first rural coworking & coliving spaces in the world, hidden in the Spanish mountains. Space that hosted more than 3000 creatives from 55+ countries in the last 8 years.

To learn more about Sende please check this Instagram.

To apply, please fill this form and we will let you know if you are selected

If you have any questions, you may write us on or (Edo).

We are looking for people coming from Lithuania and Greece (or residents coming from Lithuania and Greece). At this event, we will also host people coming from Spain and Portugal.


Food and accommodation costs are fully covered.
Travel budget for:
Lithuania: 360€/person (includes your Covid-19 tests)
Greece: 360€/person ((includes your Covid-19 tests)
Portugal: 140€ (includes your Covid-19 tests)

🛬 Closest airports:

Porto, Portugal — 2h from Sende
Vigo, Spain — 2h from Sende
Santiago de Compostela Spain — 2h from Sende

Entrance rules for Portugal
Entrance rules for Spain

This is a youth exchange with a mission to work on preventing wildfires which is a serious problem that occurs each summer in Galicia and the rest of the country.

organized by Sende in cooperation with Fochicamp and Erasmus plus

The event will be organized by respecting all necessary Covid-19 measures. In case you get selected, we will provide you with detailed information.

We will inform you how much you can spend on your travel, then you will look for the best way to reach Sende (vía Porto, Vigo, or Santiago de Compostela).



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