Digital experimentation week in Spain — July 13th — 19th 2021

We would like to invite you to Sende, a 20 inhabitants village in the Spanish mountains, and to cover your travel, food and accommodation costs.


We are organizing an event Lume where we are going to build prototypes that will help us prevent wild forest fires caused by a man.

During this event, we are also going to build creative campaigns that will raise awareness about summer fires all over Europe.

We are bringing together thinkers, creative coders, writers, artists, innovations, crafters, carpenters, professionals, villagers, forestry professionals, and amateurs to think of solutions that will prevent forest fires caused…

Sende two will open this year in Setubal, Portugal.

This long-awaited dream is finally becoming a place under 92 oak trees, in a deep rural area, but only 15 minutes from the center and 35 minutes from Lisbon.

It’s our 5th birthday. And we want to share some of our plans that will hopefully create an impact in your life — whether you are a future freelance traveler, a local (kid) from Setubal, a digital nomad, an artist or a curious person in a seek of mind-blowing collaborations.

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Originally published at on July 5, 2019.

with entrepreneurs and creative spaces from Portugal and Spain

Monday, February 25th 2019 at 19:00 in The populist bar at Bomontiada (click for directions).

Idea is very simple. We are inviting anyone from Istanbul interested in:

— Creative spaces

— Social innovation projects

— Digital nomads (preferably running social businesses)

— In building events with us

We will just mingle around, share our stories while having a drink.

Exactly this kind of meetups brought us so many quality contacts, collaborations and good friends, so we decided to come to Istanbul and organize the next one.


Africa (one of the best community builders in Europe) from Arroelo space in Portugal.

Updated for 2021 and includes all Covid-19 changes (more online, less offline which is good news).

“It took us only 8 hours to collect and present this paperwork and I will tell you all the steps now.” — Ena

Ena & Miloš moved from Serbia (non-EU) to Setubal, a beautiful fishermen town in Portugal. They make a living as illustrators and web designers and they work remotely.

One year ago, I couldn’t imagine that I will be living in Portugal”, says Miloš who is sitting on the stairs in front of his new apartment, while looking over the ships in…

Edo presenting Sende in betahaus, Berlin

We will be in:

🇩🇪 Berlin from April 4th to May 4th

🇱🇻 Riga from April 11th to 13th

🇩🇰 Copenhagen from April 30th to May 2nd

🇸🇪 Malmö, May 2nd

🇷🇸 Belgrade, May 6th — 8th

🇲🇪 Bar, May 11th — 14h

🇪🇪 Talin, September 6th — 9th

🇬🇪 Tbilisi & Rustavi, Georgia

🇵🇹 Setubal & Lisbon, Portugal

🇮🇹 Sicily, Italy

🇹🇷 Istanbul, Turkey

Let’s meet.

Photo: Rui Rosado

19 de mayo | Passeig de Grácia, Barcelona | 22:30

Si quieres conocer equipo de Sende, un espacio coworking & coliving, montado en una aldea gallega de 20 habitantes y amigos viajeros, terapeutas y emprendedores te invitamos a un evento informal para hablar sobre:

  • Emprendimiento, innovación, startups y negocios con impacto social (os presentamos
  • Pola de Lena, Galicia y Asturias (rutas en montaña, esquí y bicicleta)
  • Cuba y Grecia (el proximo día marchamos a Cuba y luego a Creta)

Estaremos en un bar en Gracia.

Apúntante aquí y te avisaremos sobre la ubicación exacta.

Gracias por invitar vuestros amigos de Barcelona.

This morning we went to meet María and Martin, our friends from Bueu, a fishermen town in Galicia. María is an architect and co-founder of Argo Navis, coworking space located just in front of the small beach in the center of the town.

Martin is a 3D architect who works in Wax in the Netherlands.

While heaving some tomato toasts and coffee we got to catch-up and hear more latest projects and plans.

Theo is running Codino, a community for location independent people coming to Barcelona who are looking for likeminded people to work together.

He came to Sende to network and to do a bit of work.

Enter Theo:

We organise nomad talks speaker series, mastermind groups, workshops and meetups at town. Also, we organise workation retreats all over Spain and Europe.

Right now we are 850 who signed up on the meetup group and I would guess that is a number of true digital nomads in town.

70% are already living this lifestyle, while others are curious to become digital nomads…

Hidden beaches and wild treks among eucalyptus trees are good reason to pay a visit to Cíes islands .

Well preserved, located just across Vigo, will let in only a limited number of visitors per day.

We would recommend a visit to Cíes or Ons island (one where we stayed during the Sende trip) in June or September (less tourists).

The best time at these islands is at 20:00. The time when the last boat, with daily tourists going back to mainland.

Only a handful of visitors with tents would stay. Dinner, guitars and the sound of the island…


En este segundo día los participantes continuaron desarrollando sus proyectos, transformándolos para tratar de convertirlos en soluciones, en un plazo y de una forma realista. Así el Hackathon for Refugees ha servido para:

  • construir un sitio web con bases de datos y GPS para trazar mapas de rutas de barcos con personas refugiadas en tiempo real y ayudar en su localización
  • crear plataformas para para establecer vínculos entre personas refugiadas y voluntarios a través de juegos colaborativos
  • ayudar en la visibilización y la creación de una campaña de crowfunding para la iniciativa Red Alert

Además de estos resultados presentados como…


Rural coworking & coliving in Spain //

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